Saturday, January 3, 2015

IT'S RAINING & Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Hey Y'all! 
It's been a while since I've written on here. Lots of events have taken place since I have last written! To say the least ;-) We were lucky enough to be able to visit family for Christmas this year which was a lot of fun.
lilly presents from my lovely mother! #lillychristmas
I loved seeing Grayson interact with my little brother, it was too sweet. I miss my family a lot and I am happy to at least have my sister out here now!!
All of us, after Church. I love how you can only see my Husband's head! Ha.

We also had it flood in the home we are renting out. It completely flooded in the kitchen and it was quite the ordeal. A huge mess, and a lot of stress. Grayson came running saying "IT'S RAINING" and I was thinking he was just playing or watching a show, and then I see this.... 

I had a melt down (and that's putting it lightly).... luckily nothing *really* got ruined even though some major important things got wet.... vacuum... computer..... and other random kitchen appliances. At least my Blendtec was safe ;-) I think I actually went to get that first thing haha. I feel like our place is still  in shambles a little bit. We had to use every towel we had, plus a lot extra from my husbands family. They were really great in helping us and helping shop vac out all the water. They've had this happen a few times to different homes they've lived in or rented so they knew what to do luckily! I am also glad that we were home when this happened because we were about to go out on a date and let my sister tend Grayson. Which that would have been way worse to have her alone and have that happen! I am thankful for my family and everything that they do for me. I wouldn't have been able to make it through this weekend without them haha. 
I am trying to at least find a silver lining to this in that I can now completely re-organize my kitchen, pantry (it leaked in there too) and linen closet, since we had to use all of the towels and it was pretty much a mess prior to this. [well a "trying to look halfway organized" mess.] So there's that! ;-) 
I want to also take this time to announce the IdealShape Boost Packets Giveaway Winner, not too many contestants this time! But it's all okay, since the winner is Kendal Ianuzi, my sister... She's pretty pumped to try these out and is thinking of starting a Fashion Blog herself. She is seriously amazing at putting outfits together! She is also one of my biggest supporters when it comes to my blogging and youtubing which means a lot to me :) I love her and I am so happy she is back and that I get to see my son, Grayson spend time with her and see how much he loves his Auntie "Kennel". Thank You to all those who have entered and stayed tuned to my Youtube Channel for some more exciting Giveaways which shall be taking place soon! 

Brittany Marie Powell 

Have you ever had anything major happen to your home or where you were living?

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